Our Mission 

To earn the trust of our community by exemplifying our Christian Faith rooted in traditional Presbyterian Beliefs. 

Our Vision  

To lead our community in seeking God's works through faith; teaching and worshiping by proclaiming the Sovereignty of God, the Authority of Scriptures, and the Necessity of Grace through Faith in Christ. 

FPC Chaumont History 

For almost two millennia, we have been a part of the Lyme community, preaching, teaching, laughing, and building. On September 22, 1831, four men, fourteen women, and their families mounted their horses and carriages to meet at the old Stone School House on Main Street in Chaumont. That day, they met with Rev. John Sessions and Rev. George Boardman and formed a Presbyterian Church in Chaumont, New York, grounded in faith, order, and fellowship of the Gospel.

 As the church grew, the congregation eventually became too big for the Stone School House, and in 1844, Solon and Alathea Massey deeded over the church plot on which the church currently stands. In September 1845, the 36 x 54-foot new church building was completed. In 1876 a chapel, now the session room, was added and in 1885, the sanctuary was enlarged to its current size. The final addition was built in 1912 and added the kitchen and dining room.

 In 1905, the organ house was planned and constructed and housed our Jardine Pipe Organ that was purchased from a Catholic Church in Rome, New York in 1897. Even then, the organ was already 47 years old and had been installed at FPCC for 116 years.

 Over the years, FPCC has had many Pastors; our first was Rev. Joseph Canfield from 1842-1864. In 1890, Rev. William N. Cleveland, brother to then US President Grover Cleveland, was FPCC's pastor for 6 years. 

 Please come celebrate God’s Word with us each Sunday and become a part of FPCC’s history. Our families of FPCC have been intertwined with the rich history of Lyme. We look forward to carrying on its town traditions and remaining a beacon of Christian inspiration for many generations.