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We have also been requested to form a Women's Bible study.

We understand not everyone can make it to our Thursday lunches and Bible study during the day.

By request of men in our congregation, we offer a men's Bible Study on Thursday nights at 6:30 pm and have had two weeks of fantastic fellowship. All men from the community are welcome.

We have also been requested to form a women's Bible study. We need to know who is interested so the church can plan appropriately to host this. All women from the community are welcome to respond if they are interested.

A women's Bible study can help by providing a supportive community where they can grow in their faith, learn from one another, and find encouragement and inspiration for their lives. Learning from the Scriptures in a supportive and interactive environment help gain a deeper understanding of the text through discussion and interpretation with others. In addition, Bible study provides a sense of community and fellowship, as participants can share their experiences and struggles and offer support and encouragement to one another.

Thank you

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