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Session Committees 

Committees are an integral part of the church, made up of dedicated members of the church community who serve in leadership roles that contribute to the success of the church's ministry and mission.
John Rusho.jpg

John Rusho, Chairperson

The Building and Grounds Committee

This committee is responsible for effective management, maintenance, use and acquisition of property, facilities and equipment. These costs include service contracts (pest control, custodial uniforms, tree service, elevator maintenance, etc.), the repair and maintenance of the church's mechanical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, overall maintenance of the church (paint, custodial equipment and supplies, grounds equipment and supply) and the costs of utilities (electricity, gas and water).  Tel: 315-532-0211

Jean Brown.jpg

Jean Brown, Chairperson

The Community Life Committee

The mission of the Community Life Committee is to engage our members and our neighbors in meaningful and enjoyable events, both within our congregation and in our larger community so that all may experience God’s love and concern through Christian hospitality. |  Tel: 315-649-5559

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